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Cape Bojeador Lighthouse: Travel Guide

 Cape Bojeador Lighthouse or the Burgos Lighthouse is a 66-foot-tall octagonal shone tower situated in Burgos, Ilocos Norte.  Burgos lighthouse is a cultural heritage that was erected during the Spanish era in the Philippines. It witnessed a lot of events especially in terms of sea navigation.

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Mt. Hapunang Banoi: Hiking Guide

Mt. Hapunang Banoi or others may call it Mt. Haponang Banoy is one of the chain of mountains situated in Montalban, Rizal; it is in between Mt. Pamitinan and Mt. Binacayan. Its breathtaking beauty and cliff hanging photos that spread online are just two of the reasons why Hapunang Banoi now became the center of the hiking. Aside from that, it is only less than two hours travel from Manila.

Mt. 387: Hiking Guide and Itinerary

Mt. 387 is one of the latest hiking destinations in Nueva Ecija, a 3 to 4 hours land travel from Manila. Mt. 387 became famous because of its magnificent features; such as a cool the weather, there’s a 360 degrees access to see the entire area and nearby provinces, there’s an artistic view of mountains ranges from afar that is considered as the “chocolate hills of the north.” The cool and crystal clear waters of Aloha Falls is in a addition to the reasons why you should hike this mountain.

Maasin Cathedral: Southern Leyte Travel Guide

Maasin Cathedral is one of the hidden historical beauties of Southern Leyte. The original structure was built in 1700 by the Jesuit priests but was severely damaged by the Moro rebels. Today, it is one of the primary places of worship for the Catholics and is one of Maasin City’s top destinations and must visit tourist spots in the province. Situated by the plaza and a few meters away from the city hall.

Ulan-Ulan and Tinago Falls: Biliran Travel Guide

The beautiful Ulan-ulan Falls in Almeria, Biliran Ulan-Ulan Falls: a must visit in BiliranUlan-ulan falls is one of the top tourist destinations in Biliran, situated in the mountainous part of Brgy. Sampao, Municipality of Almeria, a forty to an hour travel from Naval, the capital. Ulan-Ulan falls can be accessed via motorcycle ride, passing by the rice terraces and a twenty to thirty minutes downhill trail. Your visit can definitely be a lazy afternoon because there are birds singing their lullabies, the tranquility and the relaxing ambiance in the area are preserved because it is surrounded by the greens. I am positive that Ulan-Ulan falls will be placed on your List of the Must Visit Waterfalls in the Philippines.

Amandaraga Falls: Lawaan Travel Guide

Amandaraga Falls is a majestic waterfall in Lawaan, Eastern Samar and it is considered as one of the hidden gems and a pride of the province. It is situated in a forested and mountainous area where different kinds of birds are singing their lullabies and the fresh and cool wind is blowing endlessly while the sound of the rushing water creates a relaxing ambiance which makes it a perfect spot for relaxation.

Leyte: Travel Guide

What to Visit in Leyte: Leyte is the center of the Eastern Visayas Region that has a lot to offer. Tourist destinations in Leyte include historical spots, beaches, caves and other outdoor activities. McArthur Landing Memorial Park (photo above) is situated in Palo, Leyte. This is to commemorate the historic landing of General Douglas MacArthur in Leyte which was the start of the liberation of the Philippines against the Japanese occupation. The historical events and the significance can be read on the historical markers placed in front of the park.